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Our Services

Dynamic Jobs Portal

Job Seekers - search for jobs near you.

Employers – find the best talent for your business.

QuickShift Access

Job Seekers - get notified about open shifts near you or find gigs when you've got extra time.

Employers – post last-minute shift openings and fill-up your roster for big events.

Growing Database

Check back often as our Job Seeker and Employer database grows to provide more shifts, career paths, flexibility, and a wider range of talent and skilled workers.

“Businesses are still feeling the effects of Covid-19 and the Loonie is even harder to stretch. There's talent out there, but we'll get through this and adjust as this new norm settles with us.”


Our story

It’s simple:

Employers and Job Seekers should be able to find each other easily.

Job Seekers have a lot going on in their lives and they need to make ends meet without compromising too much.

And Employers need available and consistent staff to maintain the standards and quality of the services they provide.

Our story begins with those 3 points.


Whether you’re curious about features, advertising with us, or even how everything works, we’re here to answer any questions.

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